Many benefits found within a planned community

Infrastructure and green spaces are common benefits of a planned community

Planned communities are on the rise as many families continue to seek homes in urban areas such as Murfreesboro and other growing Middle Tennessee cities.

At the same time, Southern Lifestyle Homes understands the sense of community and it is found within each planned community like Hampton Park or Retreat at Marymont Springs.

When examining benefits, there are always the common criteria that come to mind such as the home and its amenities, but there are also more that many homeowners may not recognize at first sight.

One benefit of a planned community is the infrastructure and size. With a fixed amount of homes within a given area, homeowners shouldn’t worry about growth around the community.

Within the infrastructure, common items such as landscaping, roads and the entrance may be overlooked at times but add to the overall aesthetic of a planned community. Proper planning allows for solid traffic flow while contemporary landscaping trends offer a an appealing visual when entering a neighborhood or a nice view from the road.

In addition, quality of life is always a concern with home ownership. Features such as pools, clubhouses and green spaces are a few of the most desired aspects of a planned community as their natural feel creates positive emotions within families.

One aspect that sets apart Southern Lifestyle Homes communities from many is the fact they have one home builder. With this in mind, all homes share similar amenities that are considered upgrades. While the homes have a consistent feel within the community, there is a wide mix of floor plans and custom touches that can be added to personalize each space. 

At the end of the day, you should enjoy living in your neighborhood and while there are many factors that contribute to the happiness in your home, these benefits are common among our communities. Within the core of all Southern Lifestyle Home communities, the homeowner is the focus.